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Dive into our collection of best-selling products, featuring top-quality accelerometers, durable cables, essential mounting accessories, advanced signal conditioning equipment, and precision electronic filters. Many of our items are ready for quick delivery, depending on the quantity you need. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to us for a personalized quote. Our inventory is far more extensive than what you see here, and we’re eager to help you find the perfect solution!

Kemo low noise accelerometer cables, accelerometers, electronic filters and Signal conditioning products



Low noise cables for piezoelectric accelerometers

IEPE accelerometer and other sensor cables

Triaxial accelerometer cables

Accelerometer Mounting

A range of mounting studs, magnets, isolated studs and petrowax for effective mounting of accelerometers and dynamic vibration sensors

Electronic Filters


A selected range of some of Kemo’s most popular low pass and high pass electronic filters



A small selected range of Kemo general purpose IEPE accelerometers and Piezoelectric accelerometers, for our full range availability contact us

General BNC
Instrumentation Cables

General purpose extension and joining cables using BNC plugs and/or sockets. RG58 and RG174 PVC jacket cables for a range of instrumentation applications.

RF Connectors, Joiners
and Adaptors

A wide range of RF connectors such as BNC plugs and sockets, 10/32 microdot, M5 microdot, SMA, SMB.
BNC adaptors, ‘T’ and goalpost joiners, inline and bulkhead joiners with a variety of different connector types.

Signal Conditioning Solutions

A range of signal conditioning amplifiers for use with IEPE, Piezoelectric and 4-20mA sensors.

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