Joiner – KBSM-A – 10-32UNF microdot to BNC SKT

£15.00 + VAT

The Kemo KBSM-A is a cable adaptor joiner suitable for adapting from a 10-32UNF microdot to BNC connector. One side features a 10-32UNF microdot female socket which is a universal fit with any standard 10-32UNF microdot plug. The other side of the adpator is a BNC female socket making it ideal for an inline connection of a microdot connector to a BNC

Featuring a gold plated centre pin for high quality signal transmission, the KMSB-A cable adaptor is widely used with accelerometer cables and other sensor cables to adapt connection from a 10-32UNF microdot to a BNC. Often used to join a microdot cable to a BNC cable. The high quality body is machined in brass for long life.

This is usually a stock item and despatch can be arranged within 48 hours, this does depend on quantity required

Full Datasheet can be downloaded here - DATASHEET


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