1A1-30 – 3m Low Noise accelerometer cable

£46.00 + VAT

A 3m low noise accelerometer cable assembly fitted with a 10-32UNF microdot plug (male) with rubber strain relief boot on both ends.

Can be used with Kemo’s KMB-A to adapt the 10-32UF connector into a BNC plug

This low noise accelerometer cable is designed for use with a piezoelectric accelerometer or other piezoelectric sensor. It has an anti-microphonic layer throughout its length to minimise the effects of triboelectric noise. This type of cable is often referred to as low noise accelerometer cable. The connectors feature gold plated brass pins for high quality signal transmission and the braided screen features greater than 96% coverage. The extruded PFA jacket can withstand -90°C to +260°C

This is usually a stock item and despatch can be arranged within 48 hours, this does depend on quantity required

Full Datasheet can be downloaded here - DATASHEET


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