2G2-100 – 10m Lightweight BNC Instrumentation cable

£55.00 + VAT

A 10m long lightweight BNC instrumentation cable featuring BNC plugs on both ends for general use in a wide variety of applications connecting measuring instruments, Digital Multi Meters, Data Acquisition systems and other equipment. Using Kemo’s own KNCAB3 RG174 cable with a nominal 2.8mm diameter and screen coverage of at least 90% for high protection against RFI signal interference. This BNC to BNC Cable assembly is a great all rounder in any test facility and reduces weight for longer lengths.

This general instrumentation cable can be used in a wide variety of applications for instrument connection. With high quality BNC plugs (male) and rubber strain relief on both ends BNC to BNC cable.

This is usually a stock item and despatch can be arranged within 48 hours, this does depend on quantity required

Full Datasheet can be downloaded here - DATASHEET


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