3X-I IEPE Signal Conditioning Amplifier – 3 Channel

£595.00 + VAT

The Kemo 3X-I is a 3 channel IEPE Signal Conditioning Amplifier which provides the required power for any IEPE type sensor. Widely used with an IEPE accelerometer the 3X-I is DC powered and supplied with a mains adpator. Featuring x1, x10, x100 gain selected by front panel switch, with each channel independently set. Front panel BNC connectors for input and output complete a compact, rugged and neat solution for all your IEPE sensor power. Internal jumpers allow the user to boost the supplied IEPE current for longer cable runs, this is essential to avoid signal distortion at higher frequency.

This 3 channel IEPE signal conditioning amplifier is low cost and offers the user a great solution for IEPE power for any IEPE sensor.

This is usually a stock item and despatch can be arranged within 4-5 days, this does depend on quantity required

Full Datasheet can be downloaded here - DATASHEET


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