DR1000-I – DIN Rail Mount 4-20mA current – IEPE Signal amplifier

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The Kemo DR1000-I is a uniquely powerful single channel 4-20mA current output unit which has the power to convert a signal voltage to a proportional 4-20mA current output. The unit includes IEPE Signal Conditioning for a wide range of IEPE sensors including accelerometers, microphones etc. The 4-20mA current output is scaled to suit the normal 0-10V voltage output which is also available in parallel. For accelerometers an offset is applied to provide the function for the positive and negative sides of the signal to swing around 5VDC rather than 0VDC., the DR1000-I is DC powered from a 9V to 30V supply. Featuring an industrial DIN Rail mount the unit is ideally suited to production or industrial monitoring applications where local signal conditioning and amplification is required for a variety of sensors.

This single channel 4-20mA current output IEPE signal conditioning amplifier is low cost and offers the user a great solution for IEPE power for any IEPE sensor with a proportional 4-20mA current and parallel voltage output

This is usually a stock item and despatch can be arranged within 4-5 days, this does depend on quantity required

Full Datasheet can be downloaded here - DATASHEET


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